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Igor P. Kavrigo

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The number of lecturers at the faculty  exeed 100, including 7 doctors of science, professors and 17 candidates of science, assistant professors. More than 4000 students study  at the faculty, including 850 full time and 3200 distance learning students.

The Faculty of Economics of the Minsk Institute of Management was founded in 1994. During the past years more than 1,492 specialists were trained, including 1,077 specialists with a major in “Economics and business management”, 335 with a major in “World economics and international economic relations”, 54 with a major in “Commercial Work” and 43 with a major in “Modern Foreign languages”.

The faculty includes 3 departments:

  • economics and production management;
  • management;
  • foreign languages.

All the departments are headed by lecturers with academic degrees and extensive work experience in higher educational institutions.

Today the department offers students the following specialties:

  • Economics and enterprise management; specialization of economics and production enterprise management, qualification of an economist-manager (full-time and extramural students);
  • World economics; specialization of foreign-economic activity management, qualification of an economist (full-time and extramural students);
  • Modern foreign languages; specialization of international economic relations, qualification of a translator-adviser with the knowledge of English and German languages (full-time students);
  • Management; specialization of informational management, qualification of
    manager-economist (full-time and extramural students);
  • Marketing; specialization of marketing in electronic commerce, qualification of marketing economist (full-time and extramural students)


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