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Accounting and Finance

Serguey A. Medvedev

+375 (017) 285-47-47


The Accounting and Finance Faculty was founded in 1995. The graduates of this department are successful employees of state and private organizations and businesses.

The number of lecturers at the faculty amounts to 81, including 3 doctors, 3 professors and 21 candidates of science and 19 assistant professors.

Today the faculty includes six departments:

  • Automated Information Systems;
  • Business accounting, analysis and auditing;
  • Finances and crediting;
  • Higher mathematics;
  • Information technologies;
  • Physical education.

The faculty offers following specialties:

  • Business accounting, analysis and auditing, specialization of industrial business accounting, analysis and auditing; qualification of an economist
  • Finances and credit, specialization of finances; qualification of an economist
  • Information systems and technologies (in economics); qualification of an engineer-programmer-economist
  • Information systems and technologies (in management); qualification of an engineer-programmer
  • Informatics, specialization of web-design and computer-based graphics; qualification of a programmer
  • Body space environment design, Virtual environment design

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Accounting and Finance
Minsk Institute of Managment, 1998-2022
12 Lazo Street, Minsk 220102, Republic of Belarus
tel: +375 17 2854747