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Meeting of the Minsk Institute of Management authorities with a delegation of Chinese universities rectors

November 4, 2010 during the visit of the delegation heads of higher educational institutions of China in the Republic of Belarus met the Minsk Institute of Management authorities and the members of the delegation.

To the attention of the leaders of universities of China were presented informational reports on the topics:

1.       Private higher educational institutions in the national system of education: experience and prospects
Susha N.V., Rector of MIM, Grand PhD, Professor.

2.       The system of certification and accreditation of private educational institutions
Spirkov S.N., First Vice-Rector of MIM, PhD, Professor

3.       Using e-learning tools in the learning process
Gedranovich B.A., Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and Innovation, PhD

Representatives of the Chinese People's Republic have shown an interest in the reports and asked on the topics of speeches a large number of clarifying questions.

Head of the delegation Vice-Rector of the Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology Binti Wan expressed gratitude for the informative reports.

After that, the organizers of the meeting held for the delegation a tour of the institute and carried out a demonstration of the e-learning tools.

In the foyer of the second floor of the main building

In the reading room of the library

In the classroom of interactive testing

There were held negotiations with the leaders of China's higher educational institutions on the possibility of further cooperation in science and education.
In conclusion of the meeting the banquet was held, during which the meeting participants were able to communicate in an informal atmosphere and discuss their concerns.


Presentations of the reports:

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