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General information

The goal of the Minsk Institute of Management as any higher education institution is to provide functions of educational, innovation and cultural center. We are achieving this goal by means of science, which is intended to serve as a binding instrument for implementing these functions.

Research Department (RD) is a part of the institute, engaged in planning, organizing, monitoring and accounting of research and training of candidates and doctors of science.

The main tasks of the department:

  • preparation of perspective and annual plans of research work and research work of students;
  • monitoring and analysis of the implementation of research work and research work of students;
  • planning, organizing and supervising the training of candidates and doctors of science;
  • supervision of the Council of young scientists;
  • development of scientific contacts with research institutions, national and foreign universities;
  • organization of scientific conferences;
  • control of the problem of scientific-methodological seminars;
  • organization and control of peer review of scientific reports;
  • preparation for publication of research results;
  • reviewal over the organization by departments of the scientific societies and workshops for students;
  • stewardship of the Council for research work of students Institute;
  • organization and control of the commissions for the implementation of scientific and methodological research into the learning process.
The organizational structure of department


Contact information


Vice-Rector for Research and International Affairs
Mrs. Valiantsina V. Hedranovich
tel.: +375 17 285-49-77 

Head of Post-graduate courses
Ms. Olga B. Hedranovich
tel.: +375 17 291-27-30


Trainee junior researcher
Mrs. Mariya N. Nepochatykh
tel.: +375 17 291-27-30
e-mail: (research work of students)
e-mail: (international cooperation)



Ms. Alexandra V. Shinkevich
tel.: +375 17 291-27-30


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General information
Research work
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